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in photograph"

Twilight an exemplary

"I'm in big trouble" that what he said when he first met her

and it's such a small word but massive feeling to me.

I've known K.Dew before, making she smile from her heart is not difficult, icebraking her fiancee is another. 
What I really love about them is they keep the map of every city they went together. Isn't that lovely?

K.Kae was wearing Nhoo Matthew gown, not just simply beautiful, but elegance in every direction to look up. 

Chinese couple has been dreaming of destination wedding, Thailand is the no1 chosen of them. I processed like a a dramatic cinema to bring out the story. 

We had a wonderful photoshoot day, We've got strong sunny, we've got the rain falling, We've got a laugh and laugh for everything.

Probably this is the hardest couple I could ever experienced, the still photo was hardly managed to be still, the bride was so energetic, too energetic... than being still for 1 second. 
But she brought a lot of fun and one of a kind pose that I loved and ever experience in any Pre-Wedding before.

"He's the magic, and she's the miracle."

I summed them up in the phrase.

It was my French client ever, sure he kissed like a French do, and believe me, too many times that I have to beg them not to kiss one another.

Bangkok has too many fascinating places to take photo.

If you stun with the gown, please see more at Nhoo Matthews Atelier. 

"He's the captain of her soul"
And then he made me believe that true love has a habit of coming back. 

I recognized the place from The short movie " The Library"
and I was too excited for this place rather than shooting in a hotel. I always think of one of the best places to find nice people is in library. 

He made a comic book as a token for their wedding, He was a high executive but yet a child heart and fill with passion and love. I remember so much about him especially the sweat part. 

It's like rain fall to him everyday. 

She told me the story of Kuma and I saw the connection between two people. It's wonderful and it's cute.

The passion of Thai, she loves Thai so much that she chose to travel by our old traditional train, and learn to speak, learn Thailand history. Hiro, himself is too remind me one of the cartoon famous "UP" . I love them both. 

I first met the groom K.Pi, was too humble like a gentlemen, but hearing his legend at his youth as a big brothers among friends who prioritized and protective his friends. 
It make my jaw dropped and amazed. For sure K.Ant will be safe and finally found her true refuge.  

The only thing that never got out of my head is the way he is so calm and steady, and overwhelmingly fun and laugh of his bride, K.Pui. It's totally different of magnitude people that you hardly imaging they ever gonna be together, but they are, and lovely that make you a little bit jealousy. 

Sometimes Prewedding can be very diplomatic, he was a diplomat's secretary in Cambodia, and she's in humanitarian. They are different in the same human aid area. 
When they are together, their are something slipped out, something gentle, something kind, something passionate, and it's all the combination of love just as in the Bible.

A recommendation from Chateau House Khaoyai to client. 
the scenic was marvelous, so K.Game and K.Fern has quite a taste. 

Clients became friend, and share story, passion and laugh. What more one could ever ask for.? I just get lucky.

Doctor and Computer Engineer is an odd for me to cross chance in taking photo. He ways taller than her but their love has shorten them equally. 

They tried to hide their feeling, but they forgot how their eyes speak. They are cute and made me belief photo shoot with love can be done anywhere, yet beautifully. 

The story I've never forget of how they work their distance relationship. The powerful of letter is a classic and incomparable. It's the little thing that is the big thing, and It's everything. 
He said just a simple word, but powerful one to me. He said I need The Louvre museum. 
I believe so. 

The thing about love is like a magical note, only true soul mate could hear the song one played to another. 

We had the plan of shooting simple Prewedding, just like making picnic at the garden. It's perfect to the idea of simple love like an ordinary days. 

I thought Tao Somchai is taking a photo with me everytime I take look at their photo. He's like him in the look but not in the real person.
We had a simple hug and roll shoot in our studio and make laugh and joy for other see just the way they can tell this is them. 

Working with Ninlagar make up artist for famous magazine in Thailand. The special venue is remarkable, King Rama VI school

only alumni student allowed. 

her name is Gift, and he treated him as she is gifted and special. I was like wow, so unbelievable.  

A good example of our studio Prewedding portrait. 
We brought them shine from soul with simple setting of light. 

like a classic phrase "Less is more"

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