as a secretly kept promise

Another western wedding I've ever took. Their love,

their care, and their sense of humor really

made the day full of happiness. I can hear people laugh all the time. What a joyful wedding actually it is.

Simple but lots of details, minimal but stylish, this is

the definition of Dr. Liew and Dr. Roy wedding; in Chiang Mai.

If your dream is to get married in the lush green, this is it.

If the magic does exist, khun Oat is the one who have it.

He can create all khun Kae's princess dreams come true.

Even they live in US and the bride is from Singapore,

they still have wedding ceremony in Thailand

just only because his father is Thai and he wants to make

his father as much happy as he can.

And of course he already did it.

Oh my God, where is the backdrop? 

I was so stunning when I get this Hall. No designated place for bride and groom to stand but; instead, they can walk around

their wedding, chit chat with their friends, take photos wherever

they want to or even take a seat and have some snack with the guests. I could say this is the ideal wedding for every couple to enjoy every moments in your wedding.

Don't believe me, TRY IT.

I was standing still for like five minutes just to appreciate the light the ray the reflections. It was beautiful day, beautiful love and that’s all it takes to create beautiful images.

Flying from Australia, Nana & Sandeep 

beach wedding took place in Pattaya where everyone can 

enjoy the sea breeze, have fun with the photographs and also appreciate the ceremony. 
The love of families, the touch of real best friends,

you can witness all here.

I first saw her walking down the aisle and I felt the princess was just walking among joy and love

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. But this perfect love crime was impeccably committed. The path that led them met and fell in love was like somebody up there has already planned. You may have heard it before “destiny” but regardless of reasons , It always take your breath away to witness it.

Bunch of laugh on the stage when groom said

he is a very old spare part from Siang Kong, he still doesn't believe that khun Kookkai would fall in love with him. 

But you know what, I already know the answer.

I have a chance to capture their wedding both in Singapore

and in Thailand. Every time I met khun Benz,

she will always have some word to surprise me like

"beautiful photograph doesn't need to be the clear one"

which I totally agree.

This is the first time for me to have dog of honor

and he is friendly with everyone. If you listen to him carefully,

you'll propably hear he said

"My humans are getting married. I love them both :-)"

Along Tha Chin river, there's an wedding of khun Maprang

and khun Kevin. They don't want the stage photos things but

candid photography instead. YES, you got it.

It was exhausted but fun. They took me back when days was simple joy, day of exploration. Simple and lovely.

Groom was pilot and the way he talked and respond in decision was like he has to be very thorough and careful and everyone get the most benefit out of it.

They met each other on the flight to Japan.

LOVE is in the air.

"Distance love is fine." said khun Ae. "We just talk everyday,

always care of each other and know to forgive."

Love the way they looked in the eyes and say small words.

Yet, she blushed and he winked with a little smile. 

Khun Ant is the reason why khun Pi didn't move to work

in Singapore. If I were khun Ant, I must be melting.

And then I believe, souls eventually cohere and rejoice. 

I would say khun Jaa is a really Thai woman who is

beautiful in her heart and her gesture. And this reflects on her wedding. 

 I can not forget khun Pui's laugh, it's still in my mind.

She is the most playful bride I've ever met. Who could imagine

she will wait the groom on the stub and let the groom hold

the umbrella on his knee to ask her to marry. 

Bridesmaid said no one would love khun Lhyn more than

khun Don does. I totally agree from the day I met them,

no matter what khun Lhyn has requested, khun Don will do it 

without hesitation.

They fell in love since when they were in the university.

They love eating Moo Kra Tha, of course, Moo Kra Tha

is their match-maker. So cute, isn't it?

Khun Lisa is a Korean bride and this is the first I've seen

the Korean ceremony, bride and groom bow themselves on the stage to tell how much thankful that all the guests come

to their wedding. Very impressive.

From clients to friends, I could never ask more than this.

We took photos in the very popular places but we got photos

in different from others and this is gorgeous...khun Tu told

me this. You bring lots of butterflies into my heart. 

It's very cold in Korat in winter but I didn't feel cold

because of their sweetness and every little things they do to one another

Their Chinese traditional wedding blew me away, all VIPs came and witnessed. 

I can hear the voice from silence,

I can touch the wind in the air, 

I can tell their love is huge.

The PHD marriage, sometimes it gets too tense, but when they smiled and laughed, everything turns upside down in a blink of an eyes. 

He works as diplomats secretary in Cambodia, I thought by his position would make him macho and solemn, I was completely wrong and he and bride are such one of the nicest couple I ever experienced. 

Malaysian and Thai, what can I say, love has no boundaries. 

Unorthodox, I might say. They could be very religious and in the completely calm. When they are truly themselves, they are unbelievably hilarious.  

A very sweet couple from Chiang Mai,  they show me what love really is. It was my first time seeing Lanna wedding ceremony,

the praying is very impressive. 

K.Dao was so gorgeous, K.Ming was so humble. They both don't speak much but their hospitality show their greatness in caring guests and everyone at the wedding.

The way they look at each other, It's like a magic, and story, of many stories came through. 

He said he knew from the first day that this wonderful woman will be his bride. He has an eye.

Love has no boundary. I totally agree. When they are together, they are actually who they are. 

She is the princess and he is the prince charming.

They are so perfect.

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